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Pure open access support

Please note!
The temporary OA support ceases this year. If your application is granted, the invoice must be received by the library no later than 18 December 2020. Iif the library does not receive the invoice within the given time frame, you will not get this financial support.

Linköping University Library has chosen to invest money in a temporary financial support for publishing in pure (gold) open access journals. This means that, as an important part in transitioning to entirely open access, publishing in pure open access journals is free of charge for LiU researchers - the library finances the entire APC.

For us to pay the APC, you need to meet our criteria and submit an application form.

  • You, as a LiU researcher, must be corresponding author
  • You’re using your LiU affiliation, address and @liu.se-email address in the article
  • The journal must be serious and be included in DOAJ’s list of serious, peer-reviewed and pure open access journals.
  • The article should be accepted for publication, or given an indication that it is about to be accepted.
  • The invoice must not already be paid.

If you provide the correct LiU-affiliation, @liu.se email address as well as the VAT information provided by us after we’ve accepted your application, the APC payment process is usually automatic and you won’t have to do anything.

You do not have to apply for our financial support if you’re publishing in most of the pure open access journals published with Elsevier, Wiley, SPIE , American Physical Society, American Chemical Society, Springer, Cambridge University Press, Karger or IWA Publishing see link for a complete list of which titles are covered.

Remember that you can still get a discount on publishing charges from many publishers. Follow the link for a list of available discounts and complete lists of titles covered.




* Note

BMJ: After the article is accepted you’ll get an email with a unique code. Contact the library and provide the code - we’ll handle the rest.

Royal Society Publishing: The publisher will ask you if you’re a member. Inform them that LiU is an institutional member.

SAGE: Fill in the code BIBSAM 2020 to recieve 20% discount, or contact apcqueries@Publisherpub.co.uk and inform them of the discount before the APC is invoiced.

We also have memberships with Frontiers, MDPI, Cambridge University Press and De Gruyter. You don’t have to do anything aside from applying for our financial support for pure open access journals.