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Apply for Open Access Support

The University Library pays OA fees to researchers who publish in pure open access journals.

From 1 July 2018, the agreement between the Swedish research library, through the national consortium BIBSAM, and the scientific publisher Elsevier was cancelled. The parties have not been able to agree on a price picture or how to best achieve a viable model for open science.

The development towards open science is slow. The model of publication in hybrid journals, when single articles are published Open Access in subscription-based journals, have not pushed the development fast enough.

Therefore, the money the library saves on no longer having an agreement with Elsevier will be used to support LiU authors publishing in pure Open Access journals. In this way, the development towards open science is supported.

If you, as a researcher at Linköping University, has an article near acceptance in a pure OA journal and want your publication fee to be paid by the library centrally, you can apply below..

We now have a temporary support for publishing books open access. Please contact us at openaccess@bibl.liu.se!